Located in Fresno, California, the ANANKA BELLY DANCE COMPANY specializes in traditional dances of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, modern Egyptian as well as many others. Improvisational cabaret style dance and choreographed group numbers with direction and original choregraphy by Ely Buffin are also specialties.

   Always a crowd pleaser, the Company has performed in such diverse venues as dance festivals, renaissance faires, for charitable organizations, retirement communities, convalescent hospitals, business dinners and events, fraternal organizations, concerts, and more. Whether dancing as a large troupe or as trios, duets, or soloists, the ANANKA DANCE COMPANY provides colorful, exciting, and original performances suitable for audiences of all ages.

   Deemed the perfect exercise for women of all sizes, ages, ethnic backgrounds (and hair color), traditional Belly Dance embraces the contribution of every individual's life experiences...making all dancers unique in their interpretation of the dance.